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The Jointly Signed Series In The Rumor

By FashionPlug | 30 September 2019 | 920 views | 0 Comments
The so-called jointly signed series refers to those products that are jointly launched by brands through mutual cooperation.Some brands have high popularity and high sales volume, some brand products have great sense of design and high force lattice, and they all hope to achieve win-win results through cooperation."If one's strength is not strong enough, let's organize a group."In fashion circles, it's more like a strong joint than group.

 The jointly signed series has long been a common tactic for brands to attract fans and increase the exposure rate in today's fashion circles.Any outdated aesthetic, once it has used "crossover" or " jointly signed", can catch the eye of consumers at once.The two brands have wiped out sparks between different DNA and brought us all kinds of surprises.Over the past few years, we have seen a lot of highly consistent cooperation in brand nature, and have also been pleasantly surprised by some imaginative combinations.From the unexpected collision between street and classic from Superme and LV to the combination of Puma and Rihanna not only doubled its tidal sense, but also seemed to be a topic of interest when the jointly signed series was launched.

 Supreme ×Louis Vuitton 
The jointly signed series in the rumor
You're right!
It's Supreme ×Louis Vuitton!
LV and Supreme should be:
The combination of LV and Supreme 
should be the most prominent groups of jointly signed in 2017.
Ever since this series has been released
it has always occupies the fashion circle 
as an absolute heat event.

At the same time, Kim Jones gave a very high evaluation to Supreme."Street men's clothing in New York is incomplete without Supreme."So we want to say that LV men's clothing without Supreme at 2017 is also not perfect.This cooperation is deeper and larger than we think.It's covered from bags to shoes and from clothing to gloves.And Supreme gave up the right to design directly and handed it directly to Louis Vuitton.Most of the products of this cooperation are based on the Supreme's trademark color red, which is quite cool in the street.
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