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ARIANA GRANDE — GIVENCHY'S Latest Spokesperson

By FashionPlug | 06 July 2019 | 1,112 views | 0 Comments

Ariana Grande, has blossomed this year. After being the most popular female account of Instagram,now she has become the latest spokesperson for the fashion house Givenchy.
"It is with great excitement that the House of Givenchy reveals its new face- a strong,independent woman of refreshing character and style:the multi-talented Ariana Grande.
A modern muse and the voice of a generation,Ariana has emerged as one of the most influential forces in pop culture today.A Grammy award-winning performer,songwriter and singer,she naturally embodies the spirit of the Givenchy woman with impertinence,generosity and a lightning wit- all cloaked in a touch of mystery. " Givenchy said.
"I am proud to be a new member of the Givenchy family. I have always appreciated this brand and I am deeply honored to be a member of the Givenchy family. I love these clothes and the joy and confidence they bring to the wearer. Not only because of the enduring quality and elegance of these garments, but also because it is a brand that makes people believe in themselves and insists on authenticity. I am very proud to work with such a brand." - Ariana Grande
In the brand's latest fall/winter collections of announcements video, Ariana wore a Givenchy little black dress that was used by Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", and the full will be officially unveiled in July this year.
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